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Jamie Garland

Founder, CEO & Instructor

My Story

Jamie began her career as a hair and makeup artist for photography, theater, and commercials, eventually growing more interested in what was under the makeup. She attended Lancaster School of Cosmetology and after practicing traditional esthetics for years, moved into medical aesthetics. Jamie is trained in a number of modalities, but she specializes in microneedling and laser treatments. Her passion, personality, and experience have helped her to thrive in this field and led her to forge her own path as an instructor, trainer, and business owner.

Jamie began managing spas and medspas early on in her career. In those roles, she was responsible for hiring and training new staff, working with representatives of skin care and equipment companies, scheduling, and hosting seminars.


After years of managing multi-million dollar spas, medspas, and plastic surgery centers, Jamie opened her own medspa. As the owner of a successful, award-winning MedSpa and trainer for a national laser company, Jamie, along with her business partner, Ashlee, discovered a very clear gap in education and training in the rapidly growing field of Medical Aesthetics. With a passion for the industry and years of experience, Jamie and Ashlee built The Institute of Medical Aesthetics with the intention of bridging the gap between traditional esthetics and medical aesthetics by providing extensive education and comprehensive training.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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